Chapter & Ink teams up with Marvel to assemble an epic collaboration

We're in the Endgame now. The wait is finally over. And what better way to celebrate the Avengers series than with the latest team-up, this time between Chapter & Ink x Marvel Studios in an exclusive collaboration.

Whilst Disney is a brand that has been striving for and achieving this for many years, we at Chapter & Ink have lofty ambitions of our own to be able to inspire and bring delight to masses too. This is why we are extremely proud and excited to introduce the first ever premium stationery collection launched exclusively in collaboration between Marvel Studios and Chapter & Ink. We have teamed up with Marvel to take the best artwork from the film and comic book world and have added our own signature classic touch to showcase this exclusive collaboration Marvel-themed stationery including notebooks, art prints and enamel pins.

Just in time for the release of the hotly-anticipated Avengers: Endgame, these products will feature a selection of our favourite, comic-book superheroes, with some of them being treated to their own exclusive range.

Chapter & Ink x Marvel’s initial offering includes stylishly-designed stationery ranging from a collection of subtle but striking metallic foiled hardcover journals to limited edition exclusive art prints that have been produced on glorious gallery-quality art cards that will look stylish in the living room or study.

We are excited to confirm that all of the remaining Avengers featuring in Endgame make a collective appearance in our exclusive range of hard & softback notebooks. Sporting stunning profile portraits of each superhero in red and blue tones on a crisp white backdrop, these artworks offer a striking and powerful look, that perfectly match the strength and power of Earth's mightiest squad. Made with exquisite and precision embossed UV raised glossy print, each of these notebooks contain 192 pages of beautiful lined paper, ready to be filled with your own stories and ideas! Iron Man, Thor and Spiderman among others, steal the show with some beautiful illustrated notebooks and iconography.

There are some equally incredible inclusions in our range of unique, artisan art prints. With a full range of contemporary designs in bright full-colour ink print runs, these pieces make incredibly dynamic and energetic artworks that have been designed after the classic comic-book style made famous by the late, great Stan Lee's comic books. Also made with exquisite block print style, the wonderfully illustrated Portrait range has got to be a fan-favourite, harking back to the comic books in which these wonderful characters originated! Black Widow, Captain America and an ensemble of the full roster are a must-see for any superfan! These art prints are being made in a limited edition run. 

Our range of intricately designed enamel pins boasts beautiful designs that display classic iconography from select characters. Made with soft enamel that is precision raised and smooth to touch, these pins come with a metal backing, and will look amazing pinned to any jacket, cap or backpack, clearly and tastefully celebrating the classic icons from these superheroes, from Iron Man's latest Helmet to Black Panther's Mask to Thor's legendary Hammer!

The full available stock of the Chapter & Ink x Marvel collaboration can be found here. Be the first to get your hands on this exclusive set of stationery, and begin the conversation online by following us.


  • Krishnapriya

    Interested in the marvel stationery. Please keep me posted, thanks.

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  • Naman

    When will it arrive?

  • vineet

    i am interested in the marvel collection

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