World Stationery Day: 101. Everything you should know.

What's World Stationery Day, you say? Only our favourite day of the year.

We love this day because, in an increasingly digital world, analogue craft tends to take a back seat, doesn’t it? When instant gratification always seems to trump the longer wait of receiving a hand-written letter. Well, we believe that exchanging letters means more than just pure communication. The act of taking the time to write down your words, and hand-deliver or post off your envelope destined for someone, just makes it that little bit more personal! In a nutshell, that is what World Stationery Day is really about. 

The traditions are good to be broken, but writing letters should be kept alive. And of course, celebrated. From the earliest recorded time, the need to record and send information has been encapsulated in writing. Hand to pen. Pen to paper (or clay, if you want to delve even further into the history books). As the world (rightly should) evolve into the most cutting-edge version of itself, and writing letters becomes touching screens and typing sentences (admittedly, like this one), World Stationery Day offers and helping hand to the art of writing. Celebrating it breathes life back into it!

So, how do you properly mark this momentous day, I hear you ask!? Well, it’s not the hard actually. Write a note or a card. It’s really as easy as that. Should you have a friend whose birthday is around the corner, why not write them a message in a card? Whatever the time, wherever the place, World Stationery Day can be celebrated. Join us at Chapter & Ink, and get yourself prepared!

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