Kaweco Fountain Pens

Kaweco have been manufacturing pens and pencils in Germany since 1883. In the ensuing 138 years, the company continued to grow and today stand as one of Europe's premium fountain pen producers. In the 1930s, Kaweco created the line of chunky hexagonal pens which became an enduring classic. Known for their robust and high-end build specifications, a Kaweco pen will be a long-lasting addition to any fountain pen fan's collection.

Rose Gold Fountain Pen

A popular pocket fountain pen made with solid aluminium parts with a hand-polished rose gold finish. The iridium tipped steel nib in medium allows for smooth everyday writing. Weighing 23g, it comes with a decorative Kaweco gift tin.

Brass Fountain Pen

This Brass Sport combines durable solid brass with Kaweco's signature simplicity, ensuring this pen will never go out of style. Over time the raw brass will weather creating a truly unique finish, individual to yourself and your pen usage.

Stonewashed Fountain Pen

This Kaweco Sport Stonewashed Fountain Pen is ideal when you are always "on-the-go". This pen showcases a distressed aluminium barrel for a relaxed look. The chunky octagonal profile gives this pen a tactile quality, making it a real joy to write with.

Steel Fountain Pen

The chunky octagonal profile and substantial weight gives this pen a presence in the hand, making it a real joy to hold. Featuring a premium brushed finish, the Steel Sport exudes a sleek, industrial feel and will hardly change over time, allowing you to enjoy this rugged raw material to the fullest.

Vibrant Violet Fountain Pen

The Kaweco Collection features limited runs of special edition colours. Finished in a matte metallic purple and complemented with gold trim, this collector's edition has a regal look and feel. This pen combines durable aluminium with Kawecos' signature simplicity, ensuring this pen will never go out of style.