Our Story

We are Chapter & Ink. We’re big believers in paper. And we’re big believers in the right pen. For us, choosing stationery is an incredibly personal thing. And we encourage this. Be finicky about stationery. Be a specialist. Be choosy. Because when you have better tools, you do better work.

We, at Chapter & Ink are at the very start of a journey – chapter one, if you will. Our focus is on quality, authenticity, craft, ambition and intellect. That’s why our mission dictates the very particular type of stationery you’ll find here: handsomely designed, beautifully crafted, and of excellent utility. We hope that these tools will help realise ambition, tell stories, do incredible work – and while at it, create new rituals.

To us, these aren’t just pens and papers and pencils and notebooks, but a conduit that brings disparate thoughts, notes and stories into being. These are the tools that facilitate the materialisation of ideas. Whether you’re a litigator or an illustrator, architect or adman, the tools matter. These are the tools for your life’s work.